2010 Results

The MCSA has followed the mandate for the USCSA to have all races be recorded via Split Second software and all races are now run through www.live-timing.com. The race results are posted in real-time and the results are stored there for standardization and formatting reasons. We will leave the results of past seasons on this website, but all future results will be posted to live-timing.com.

If you want to find the results on Live-timing.com, you should go to This Link and search the page (ctrl-F) for USCSA MIDWEST CONFERENCE.

Please give us feedback on the new system. This allows you to give your parents, friends, etc, the link to watch the races as they happen (where the Internet connection is available). Please email us here: mcsa@skimcsa.com to let us know what you think.




    2009 Results
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